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Different materials have different functions. Simple and stylish, easy to operate, can have multiple combinations.

Besides solid color, there can be a variety of different fabric design to meet interior design needs.

Style:Blackout/Non-blackout/Sheer/Day and night

​Control Method:Manual/Electric

Air conditioner position can be prepared

Price:$20 / square feet up*min18 square feet

1. Roller Blind

The blinds of the vertical blind hang from track piece by piece. Light can be adjusted by moving blinds left and right.


Control Method:Manual/Electric

Price:$16/square feet*min 18 square feet

2. Vertical Blind


Venetian blinds have multiple blade sizes and materials. The blade is strong, easy clean, good colorfastness.

As the angle of the curtain leaves changes, it achieves the effects of adjusting light, shading, heat insulation and ventilation.

Besides single-color blades, mix-color blades can be chose to be more fashionable.


Blade width:1"/1.5"/2" *depends on different blade style

Control method:Manual/Electric​

Price:$13/square feet up*min 18 square feet

3. Venetian Blind

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