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Mosquito Net

- HD Mosquito Net

Protected from mosquito while clean & beautiful views not affected👀

High Definition as no net installed😍

Installation area: Window

Frame material:Aluminium

Frame colour:Tailor-made

Net color:Grey/Black (perform upmost HD quality)

​Price:HK$ 100/Sq. ft. 


*Min charge: 10 Sq. ft.

HD mosquito.jpg
HD Mosquito Net

- Pleated Mosquito Net

Pleated design easy to manage👍🏻 
Safe and secure as hands will not be hurt while using the mosquito net💯


Installation area: Window / Balcony

Frame material: Aluminium

Frame color: White/ Brown/ Brass/ Silver Grey/ Deep Grey/ Black/ Reddish Brown/ Light Champagne 

Net colour: Grey/ Black

​Price: HK$ 75/sq. ft. 

*Min charge: 10 sq. ft.

Pleated Mosquito Net

#EntryLevel - Magnetic Mosquito Net

Entry price level for preventing mosquito‼️
Can be installed by consumers🔧 
Convenient and easy to clean with water👍🏻

Installation area: Window 

Frame material: POLYESTER

Frame colour: Green/ Brown/ Black/ White

Frame thickness: 1inch/ 2 inch

Net colour: Grey

​Price: HK$ 35Sq. ft. 


*Min charge: 10 Sq. ft.

magnet mosquito net2_00000.jpg
Magnetic Mosquito Net

Easy to handle with sliding net door✅
Trackless pleated design suitable for families with elderly and children👶🏻

Installation area: Balcony/ Working area

Frame material: Aluminium

Frame colour: Brass/Silver Grey/Black/White

Net colour: Grey/Black

​Price: HK$ 75sq. ft. 

*Min charge: 22 sq. ft.

- Trackless Pleated Net Door

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